Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fr Jacob Srampickal SJ

I was surprised to hear of the demise of Fr Jacob Srampickal SJ this afternoon.  I had first met him when he had come to take a course for us, just three of us  M.Ph. students in Nashik in 1999. At first we three of us students thought that he was a cartoon.  However, our informal interactions, in and outside the classroom, revealed what  a gem of a person he was.

His ideas were never too lofty or hyperbolic.  He was very much grounded in all matters of life, especially with regard to the subject he loved most - Communications.  As a person he was very friendly and cordial.  He never threw any airs about him being a big shot - which he indeed was, given all the qualifications and portfolios he held.

I also remember the time he took us all, the 14 of us M.Ph. students for a Hindi movie.  I also remember the movie.  It was Hum saath saath hain.  It was great fun.  I don't remember much the discussion we had thereafter, but his first hand remarks during and immediately after the movie were very rich and insight-filled.  His books too were simple and appealing.  Given the fact that he always was in line with the Church's teaching, made it easy for us students to go straight for his books rather than scout around for relevant and approved material for our research.

To know more about him, click here (Fr CM Paul's blog).

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