Sunday, 8 April 2012

Gospel, preaching and life

Last night I purposely stayed at home rather than attend the Easter Vigil service which I knew would only be prolonged unnecessarily by a long winding sermon with no head or tail but a string of words.  Most of the preachers try to impress rather than effect a change for good.  Rather than lead one to take stock of things and take upon oneself the onus of change, most often the preaching is aimed at 'instant conversion from all things evil' - something that is barely possible and even if it does happen, does not last long.

Secondly I earnestly pray that we shift our sermons outside the Church... live it rather than blast it! In this connection I sincerely look forward to the newly announced General Chapter of the Salesians (GC 27) which has its theme: A radical Gospel-informed lifestyle.

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