Sunday, 15 April 2012

Eating risk

The day before yesterday we, the community at St John's, went out for a meal together.  This was the first time (and the last time too) that we fiver of us staff were out together for a meal.  We were joined by a couple of confreres too.

We went to a good hotel and opted for the buffet section.  We were practically the first ones to enter and within a matter of 20 minutes the whole place was packed with others coming in ... all from different walks of life and mixed groups.  What caught our attention was the table right next to us. We spent nearly an hour leisurely tasting all the offered menu and chatting all along.  The table of 4 next to us was occupied by a group of youngsters first and when they left, by a group of middle aged gentlemen.  What surprised us was that both the groups stuck to the same 'known' menu - rice, mutton, dal and pappad.  There were like a 50 varieties of things laid out there.  They hardly touched anything other than those mentioned above!

Most of our group tasted everything.  When the one among us who stuck to almost the same menu as that of our immediate neighbours, as to why he did not try the other varieties which we hardly ever get to eat, he replied, "Why risk taking something you do not know?"  We never understood the logic!  

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