Sunday, 29 April 2012

At Gunadala

I was in Gunadala (Vijayawada) the other day to spend a day with the boys who had come to participate in the Vocation Camp (there were 28 of them). On my way, from the centre to the house, I could not but help notice the changes that have come about there since the time I was an aspirant at Gunadala (in 1993-1995).  The muddy streets are all now well laid out concrete roads, the petty palm-leave covered shops are now with a decent shutter and a concrete roof, the houses look a bit more tidy and well kept.  One thing that has been good is that practically all of them have planted some plants or trees in their little spaces.  So the whole place is green.  Of course, one of the few things that have remained constant is the stench emanating from the budameru (three of them) and the filth flowing – or lying stangant – along.

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