Sunday, 15 April 2012

Affective Maturity and Celibacy

Fr Joe Mannath made it very clear in his introductory message that he would not say good things or things which are 'nice' rather he would share what he considers right and present his reasons and statistics for the same.  With that said, he did challenge some of our assumptions about formation, celibacy and sexuality.  I'm sure in the days to come there'd be more of such challenges and reminders to focus on what is real than what is 'nice'.

As for my expectations from this seminar, I use a phrase Fr Joe used once during his preliminary talk this evening:  convinced and inspiring celibate. I wish to understand, and if need be, confirm, clarify or change my own understanding of celibacy and sexuality so as to become a more integral person.

As by way of basics, he defined sexuality merely as being a man or a woman.  He did not hesitate in stating that most people think sexuality is a problem and celibacy is the solution; while celibacy is the problem, sexuality is our given human nature.  One really does not need celibacy to become spiritual or holy.  But none can become anything at all without one's sexuality... because sexuality is basically who we are. There is no denying that fact of life.  

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