Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Interpreting the Scriptures

A couple of days ago Willy asked me a doubt with regard to a passage in the Scriptures.  The text is found in Luke 26: 32 ff.  It speaks of Jesus having a conversation with his apostles about swords and concludes with them reporting that they have two of them and Jesus says, 'That would be sufficient'.  Well, I wasn't even aware of such a passage till Willy asked me to explain it.  

Frankly speaking I'm yet to find the meaning or the very reason for its existence in the Bible!  However, what brought me to comment on this is the fact that most of us interpret or try to 'encapsulate' some quote or incident into something so small and little.  We fail to see the whole picture.  And in the process end up with all patches so disconnected and out of place that we do not understand the real meaning of it ALL.  I was gladly happy to read (a blog/post titled The Sacred Page) that one of the qualities expected of an official and authorised interpreter of the Scripture is a philosophical frame of mind, along with knowledge of the present and then reality.  Makes perfect sense to me! 

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