Sunday, 8 April 2012


This afternoon after lunch I officially thanked and presented the first year students and a couple of the second year students, who finished all their exams almost ten days ago and since then have been enthusiastically doing some hard labour for the Seminary, a small gift.  They had divided themselves into bascially three groups: painters, peelers and chippers...  Each with a specific task that I had proposed to them the day they finished their exams.  While the painters have been painting the window mesh frames, the peelers were busy peeling and drying the good coconut harvest we had this year, the chippers sweated  - and 'blooded' it out, preparing for the new flooring in the dining hall.

Prior to receiving the 'gift' at the hands of the Rector, I made clear my mind: not just for the work done, but for doing it joyfully and enthusiastically.  

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