Friday, 1 October 2010

Unquestioned integrity and Professionalism

Discussing about the mega debacle of the Common Wealth Games being held in Delhi, there is a lot of talk about the belling the cat. Who exactly and for what reasons, are the present state of affairs, the way they are. Most of the accusation is pointed to the leadership and the corruption prevailing at the top level of administration and organisation. Comparing this leadership with that of E. Sreedharan, the man who is at the helm of the Delhi Metro Project, Rajdeep Sardesai uses a very apt phrase to describe the difference: Unquestioned integrity and Professionalism.

True indeed! In today's world where everything seems corrupted, from the milk sold in the market to the nuclear warheads being engineered, the one thing that really matters most is integrity. In the past few days too, there have been several incidents in the Seminary here where some of the students have questioned several aspects of the community life. However, most of them hesitate when it comes to this aspect of integrity. It has also offered me rich opportunities to show the chinks in their arguments. Brothers come to me to settle their disputes. I resist and desist. The reason (which I make clear to them): when I get involved in giving a solution, that becomes 'my solution'. But on their own when they have to sort out matters, it becomes 'one's own' discussion.

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