Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Community assembly and catharsis

We just concluded the house assembly, meant for the evaluation of the first semester. It was great... not the content of it but the challenge part of it. The content was as ever: staff-bashing! But this time, I'm happy that most of the challenges we posed back to the students were sharp, precise and challenging enough to those really serious about their vocation. I know that it would be hard for them to digest what happened this whole evening. But if they are sincere about their call, they would give it a thought. Or else tomorrow would be just another day, with the same story.

A few good points of the proceedings of this evening:
  • The Staff put up a united front.
  • There was no meek receptivity of everything said and done - both of the part of the students and on the part of the staff, especially with regard to matters expressed.
  • Some sincere guys feel good that what they 'feel' is explicitly stated by someone at least.
  • I got a chance to explicitate some of my deepest concerns regarding putting forward the best.

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