Friday, 1 October 2010

Sports Day at Kondadaba

The Brothers are all involved actively in the Sports events since morning. The Youth Alive group has done pretty well in animating the day. Though not perfectly planned, they have somehow mastered the art of organising games without much confusion. Will help them greatly in the future too. The Brothers too are alive and very much talented. Surprisingly those who never managed to pass in Philosophy, practically none of the exams he managed to get through, is doing very well in chess. I wonder how this is possible.

I was happy to be with them this whole morning in the playground. I realise spending time with them, talking to them, about things dear to them and getting to know their 'inner circle' of discussions and thoughts bridges the gap between the formators and formees much. I know all this is said by Don Bosco and the Preventive System. It is only that when one experiences it first-hand, does it become so vivid and real. However, I find it increasingly difficult to be all over the place for long. My knee is troubling me much but the desire to be close to them too is too tempting to resist.

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