Saturday, 16 October 2010

Chris and 'his' world

Yesterday evening we went out to Vizag (after a failed attempt to board a packed train to Araku in the morning) after lunch. We had a look at Kailasgiri from the jeep, as it was raining - that too after paying Rs 40 for the entrance! The submarine was something all of us liked and appreciated. The we spent sometime at the beach, where Mummy all the while was issuing warnings of not stepping in the water. All the same it was good. The best was once again, Chris! We were all keen on showing him the new, big, solemn and great things of Vizag and all he was interested in watching was the crow (on the mighty elephant statue), the ant on the mirror (while we were showing him the sea!), the thread by which the bell was hanging, rather than the bell and its noise... He was enjoying a world totally his own.

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