Friday, 1 October 2010

For Fr TV!

Today we finally heard that Fr TV will be on the operation table tomorrow morning at 8.30. It was something that he was postponing for the past year. It finally caught up with him. He has been constantly complaining about his back and didn't want to undergo the operation because no doctor would give the guarantee of a recovery even after the operation. But day before yesterday he was badly off. And Fr KT had to rush him all the way to Hyderabad yesterday morning. For today, I wish the best for Fr TV. I've spent four years with him, and the last three years were quite enriching (the first one was in the novitiate). During the past three years in the Provincial house we were almost like friends. There was much we shared, talked, discussed and worked up. Perhaps of all the confreres in the Provincial house, we two were the closest.

Anyway, may his operation go on well and he be well on the road to recovery.

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