Thursday, 7 October 2010

Eliciting commitment

This evening I had a long chat with all the Brothers. It was my first such session as the Dean of Studies, during this whole year!! Those who hear this may be scandalised but the fact remains. However, it was good that I talked to them and let them share their views and opinions about matters concerning my responsibilities. I basically wanted to hear from them their share of contribution to making things better than sitting and waiting for others to do it for them. And I did extract that... though not as easily as I thought it would.

But after the house assembly yesterday and the discussion I had with them today, I realise that very many of them are willing and keen to strive for better things and are in fact really good in all aspects. It is only the few disinterested who pull down the whole spirit and dampen all efforts at excellence. So when those who are good within but lack the courage to stand for something, hear some encouraging words and reasons for change, they are willing to join in. That is a great consolation for those of us in formation.

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