Thursday, 21 October 2010

Attraction and distraction

Last night I was at Navajeevan, Vizag and I spent sometime with the boys as they were in the study. Prior to that I had reviewed and signed their progress report cards. Some of them had done well while a couple of them had maintained their 'failed' track record. So when I was in the study with them, I looked out for those who had their progress cards marked red. There was one, Venkatesh by name, who was sitting right next to me. Every time I looked up to see them, I found him distracted - or rather 'attracted' by everything except the book before him. So when it was time for supper, he was still with the same page that he began with, an hour ago. The only reason pages were turned, was because of the breeze of the fan!

I thought to myself, most probably very many of our Brothers too would have been so in their early years of school and study. Hence now, even if they are to sit hours in the study hall or the library, lost in books, they are not really studying. Everything else is attractive, except the book in hand. Cannot call it a distraction too because, it can be so called only when one begins to study (in earnest) and then the attention is diverted. Herein, the attention was never on the study material before oneself!

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