Sunday, 3 October 2010

Faith and presence

In the past week I have had two invitations to attend the Parish feast in two different places: at Muniguda (our own Salesian mission in Orissa) and at Narpam (one of the substations of our Kondadaba Parish, here itself). Both of which I do not intend to attend. Reason: I dislike crowds. I like some peaceful and short celebrations which are more personal than directed to no one in particular. However, I intend to visit these places some other time. But what was brought to my notice was that me visiting these places some other time is totally different from being present when they are inviting us. I really did not know the difference till the person stated that being called for an occasion has a significance greater than just being present. It means strength, prestige, power... and faith too. I really did not understand, till this morning, when one of the old ladies who invited me to Narpam said, the greater the presence of Brothers and Fathers, the greater the witness value to the local population. Of course, there is whole ball game of name, fame and prestige to say that 'so many' attended the feast, but I also realise this aspect of enriching the faith of the people has some truth behind participating in large numbers for feast and other public occasions. However, I now know it, but am not fully convinced of it.

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