Saturday, 16 October 2010

Thanks to all who helped!

This evening I saw off my parents at the railway station. It was a hectic time for the past three days. Though hectic and a bit tiring, I feel glad that they (especially Mummy) have no more any crazy ideas about my health and my well being. I know that this was not the perfect timing for a relaxed and peaceful time to be with one's family, but as I told the Beach Blossom and Trade Centre staff, 'if we await for the perfect time to take off, we may be never take off at all'! Anyway, I am happy that they were here. I wish to spend some time reflecting on the time I spent with them in the coming days.

And once again, thanks to the many who went out of their way to help and be of great assistance in every way possible, especially Fr KT and Fr Rinoy! They did have a pleasant time!

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