Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Getting to know Mahesh...

Last evening I enrolled the first boy during my tenure (though temporary one) at DBNJ, Vizag. He was Mahesh. He would be around 9 to 10 years old. To his misfortune he landed in hands of those who did not know hindi at all... but luckily good hands (Childline). When they brought him to NJ, I managed to strike a good conversation with him and get a few more details but far from anything complete. I even bluffed him telling that the musical programme that evening was to welcome him (it was infact a youth group celebrating one of their member's b'day). He was so thrilled by the 'reception for him' that he would every now and then come into my office with a broad smile. I think he'll stick on. But one never knows...!

Anyway, felt glad that I could make an impression on a child, that too a lost one for something good. Hope to be able to trace back his home in Maharashtra. Furthermore, used my broken and miserable Marathi to ask a few questions but when he answered them, I was at a loss!!

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