Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Life at Kondadaba

So here I am... my first blog from Kondadaba...
It was an interesting day!! After lunch Fr Wilson and I struggled for two hours to get the net working in the staff room and just when we did get it to work, the UPS failed!! We had no power since 6 in the morning. But at last we have the net up and about, though not sure for how long!! But as they say, make hay while the sun shines... I said let me put down some things before I get used to things and they become stale...

I reached here on May 26, exactly a week ago. Climatically it is nothing different than being under the sea - I am always swimming in my own perspiration... it just flows and flows!! The brothers are yet to arrive, though a dozen of them are already here for their MA exams. They are quite shocked at knowing that Fr Tom has been replaced. Well, they have no choice, I believe!!

These days I busy trying to grasp things, understand traditions and study the working style of confreres. I also started to put down in black and white my plans and goals, my aspirations for the Brothers and the strategies I intend to put into practice to achieve those objectives.

I'll do my best, assured that God is with me! I only need to take care to be on His side!

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