Monday, 24 May 2010

Congrats Papa-Mummy and Goodbye Provincial house

Perhaps my last blog entry from the Provincial house ... and for sometime henceforth too. I'd be leaving for Kondadaba tomorrow evening and I know not of the internet connectivity there. But it doesn't really matter. I need to learn to live with what I have than waste time and energy mourning over what I do not have; I need to focus on what I have at hand... the rich potential of 85 Brothers!!

The day went on well... relaxed and concluded with a good hard earned meal. The Mass at Manoharabad was quite irritating. Anyway, I did pray for Papa and Mummy - it is their 33rd wedding anniversary. Visited Gagilapuram on the way and a couple of the Catholic families there. An elderly couple at that age wondering where to be - in the city with their children or in the village where they feel much at home.

In the evening, I helped out Fr Sudhakar for the arrangement of the meals, packed my luggage (managed to fit it all in one bag!) and had a long chat with Mas. His responsibility too is quite demanding given the situation of the community there. But he'll do well, I'm sure.

Well tomorrow is a day of rest. No calls, no letters, no talks, ... in short, no worries!!! I am gonna just wish everyone relaxedly and then clear out in the evening... to begin anew.

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  1. Just learned from ... Maliekal I think? ... that you have been transferred to Kondadaba... All the bestest, Casti. And keep with your blog.


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