Sunday, 16 May 2010

Life ain't easy!

While on my way back from Afzulgunj, after dropping Fr Sudhakar at the bus pick up point, just after Nanal nagar I saw a huge procession. It was well lit and while I drove by, I noticed that there were long lamps (almost like the decorative chandeliers of some bungalows) carried by women, while the marriage party (the bridegroom and company) walked in between. What caught my attention was that most of these women (yes, all the 'lamps', nearly 2 dozen of them were carried by women only!) had small babies strapped to their chest. I really marvelled at the sleep of these small children. Such bright lights, then the deafening sound of the band, music player and the people participating in the procession (as if the traffic noise was not sufficient enough!) and the constant movement... yet the children were fast asleep.

At home, once Chris is asleep, we all have to enter into the 'retreat' mode... total silence. Any small noise, as much as a ladle falling, will waken him and he will bring the house down with his cries. As I was sharing with Mummy the other day, the children of those who work at the school construction site are there all day long... in the sun, the dust, mud, cement, and all possible things you can imagine at a construction site... but all fit and healthy. While at home, we take such 'great care' to shield Chris from the sun, the heat, the light, the sound... even from Sandy (our dog)!

Life is never easy... the faster one learns this fact, the better!

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