Thursday, 13 May 2010

A walk down memory lane

I spend nearly 6 hours clearing the office of all my personal stuff. Not that it was so scattered and disorganised that it took time for me to gather it up, but I just took my own sweet time to go through some of things that perhaps I never noticed or read for more than five years! Among the many things that I read and glanced through, was my collection of b'day cards from home. I don't remember which year I got this, but it is surely more than 4 years old. This one was decorated by Willy with all cartoons and what not describing our family (of only 4 then)... of course, Sandy (our dog) too featured in the card!!

Then there were invitation letters and letters of appreciation from my students and companions at various occasions. Then there were those small notes that used to come from Fr Lens, before we started corresponding through the e-mail. Well it was good feeling nice about myself through the eyes (and words) of others. A couple of things more and with that I completely wrap up my responsibility as the Secretary. Kishore will need time to settle in, but I'm sure he will do his best. I've been his Assistant and I know he will give his best.

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