Monday, 10 May 2010

Kasab and Modi

Just two or three days ago there was a large hue and cry raised about Kasab and the impending sentence. Well at last when the sentence was pronounced, I found it quite absurd that he should be given the death sentence for four reasons and someone else who has more of those charges (and proved guilty) would be ruling a state! I'm talking about Narendra Modi. If Kasab has been sentenced to the gallows for murder, attempt to murder and waging war against the state then Modi would be guilty by the same charges!

I wonder who would nail him!


  1. Why don't you nail Modi?

    And why not crusade for release of Kasab.

  2. The question is not about how many should be punished but how should this curse of violence and hatred be uprooted so as to ensure that common people live in peace and harmony. Arresting and sending them to the gallows is quite an easy task - but not the best nor the first!


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