Saturday, 15 May 2010

Saying "goodbye"

I'm practically all set to say goodbye to the Provincial house. Just a couple of undertaken tasks that I have to complete and I'd be totally at peace in leaving this place with a very great consolation: that what was entrusted to me was done to the best of my ability.

There is the distribution of the school stationery and uniforms that is scheduled for May 22. Once I plan, coordinate and finish that... it's over! For the rest, I've passed on all information and knowledge to those concerned about the various responsibilities I shouldered during my three year stay here.

Looking back at the three years that I spent here, I cannot but marvel at all that I was able to accomplish. My second year here was a real miracle... I still cannot believe I survived and thrived that year (given the numerous responsibilities I carried out and the things I was able to complete and accomplish). I leave this community on May 25 and am happy that I did my best. The new assignment as 'dean of studies' at Kondadaba opens up a new field of apostolate for me... one different from what I was engaged in for the past three years. I look forward to that with great zeal and hope!

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