Friday, 14 May 2010

Tiny drops make the ocean!

The whole day was practically spent in passing on learnt knowledge, especially about the website and the BIS office to Kishore. Explaining to him the nitty-gritty of the whole exercise that we underwent and the logic with which things were put together made me realise how much of work was put in at the national level by Fr PT and his group. Of course, we too have put in our efforts for our Province website. Looking back at times, when I would get irritated that things were not moving in the direction that I wanted them to progress with regard to the website and the communication system, I now realise we did indeed cover much ground in the past three years. Though only one segment of the communication network, the online presence has been worked upon with great intent. I am happy I also had the assistance and could rely on the DB DIGITS staff (Sheeba, Mallesh and Sushma) for this task.

Well as of now, am passing the baby to another set of hands... would be happy to see it grow in its own way.

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