Friday, 14 May 2010

Humanity beyond caste ... 'we persons'

Among the many things and papers I discarded today, was the whole sets of papers regarding the ACPI seminar we had on Postmodernism and another one on the Subalterns. I hadn't even picked them up since I attended the seminars nearly a decade ago! Most people find packing a very laborious and time-consuming process. For me, it is very fast and I enjoy it. My policy is simple: what I have lived without for more than two years, I will not need it in a lifetime. Furthermore, what fits in two bags is necessary... the rest is burden!

Anyway, while glancing through the notes and reflections I had scribbled along the margins and in the free space of those seminar notes , I found something interesting.
We have a feeling of 'we' in every aspect except as 'we persons'.

Immediately my mind drifted back to the conversation I had with a confrere today. It was all along the caste lines. As he sat there talking in those terms, I once again thanked God and Mummy-Papa... for somehow all this talk does not really enter my head and I find it all illogical. In spite of so many years of formation and prayer, we still get entangled so badly in as menial and degrading things as building our relationships on the basis of caste.

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