Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Choosing between goodness and pigs

This morning I was wondering what would be the reasons a whole town - mind you, not just some of them but the whole town - telling Jesus to leave them. That this 'request' comes after Jesus helps them get rid of the two troublesome demoniacs is quite strange. Perhaps, those people had only those pigs as their means of livelihood and when the whole crowd is lost they were really at a loss as to how they would survive. Or perhaps some of the richer folk or those against Jesus (for whatever reason) instigated the others in the town to not let Jesus in, for fear of causing greater damage. This is most often the case. The silent majority are driven by the few who have brains but not objective ideals. Another possibility is that they just loved the pigs more than the good done by Jesus!! Perhaps if Jesus were to have sent the demoniacs into just a couple of pigs who then ran off the cliff, the people may not have been that pissed off. However, the lesson is clear: Are we far-sighted enough to see the goodness and truth in an event or a person rather than the immediate loss or shortcoming?

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