Sunday, 13 June 2010

Mass at Kondadaba Parish

I'm still recovering from a fever that touched 108! Lucky to be alive and still sane. Though very much weak, I'm well on my way to recovery... perhaps another couple of days and I should be totally back to my normal self. The last one week has been very agonizing. Just couldn't get one thought to stick in my head. It was all blazing, literally. Thanks to the prayers of many, the climate has indeed cooled down much in the past three days. It's a blessing I cannot but be grateful for.

This morning I joined the Brothers for the Mass in the Parish... am attending Mass here after 10 years. It was held in the open, since the Church is under renovation. Fr Anithotam, the Parish Priest was kind enough to introduce me to the Parishoners and even invite me to felicitate the new Priest who presided over the Mass.

However, what amused me most was that in spite of all the rains that kept lashing us from all sides and water flowing from all possible directions, people were not too distracted by it. They stayed focussed and did not try to organise big "rescue" operations! All were keen to attend Mass and make the most of it... even our Brothers!

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