Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Politics, hatred and children

I was moved by a photo The Hindu published on its front page today (June 16, 2010)...

The caption reads thus: Violence erupted over the weekend in south Kyrgyztan targeting the minority Uzbeks. Reports said on Tuesday 170 people were killed. This woman from Osh city, which saw the worst of ethnic bloodshed, is among over 2.7 lakh who are fleeing their homes. Unable to cope with the refugee influx, Uzbekistan is said to have closed its border.

It is very disturbing to see innocent victims caught in the crossfire of hatred and politics. Just imagine what that small baby would grow up to? Displaced and running around for dear life ever since it has opened its eyes to the world, what foundation and roots will the baby be able to establish for its growth and future?

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