Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Love, fidelity and growth

The passage from the book of Jeremaiah for meditation this morning was quite inspiring: eternal love, faithfulness and building up... three essential qualities of a religious, especially today (as in those times). How often we religious fail to really tangibly feel the love that God has for us and in so missing it out, fail to love those whom we come in contact with. Then there is the fidelity to our commitment, something we are called to, something we decided to take up, but somewhere down the line get distracted from. There comes a time when our personal agendas and goals overtake the common mission... fidelity, fidelity, fidelity!! And the last call, to build up, to grow. I realise how easily we stop growing personally and in every aspect after our perpetual profession or ordination. It's just that we have achieved all that is to be attained, all knowledge, all wisdom, all skills, all levels of growth... therefore 'we know it all'.

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