Sunday, 11 April 2010

To dream and survive on dreams!

These days everyone is talking about the transfers. With practically everyone being told to 'be ready', the guess game is getting all the more intense day by day. I also realise how different people see themselves and the roles they play in the various communities, fulfilling the different responsibilities entrusted to them either by the Province or by the local community. Then there are the 'dreams' and 'plans' and 'ideas' about the 'next' place.

An article in the paper today was quite in contrast to all this. It was about the plight of the poor in the various parts of the country for whom the only thing they possess is their dreams. And what are their dreams? One solid meal atleast once in a life time, one cake of soap to have a bath, one piece of decent clothing, one good harvest, one heavy rain, some fresh vegetables for their kids... that's all. Just that. Nothing more! Not even the faintest hope that just any one of these would ever become a reality.

While some dream all the time, for very many dreams is all they have! Some dream and others survive because they dream!

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