Friday, 16 April 2010

The communication circle

Sitting in this office, as the Secretary, I've often wondered (also aloud) if sticking stamps, replying to mails, ordering and classifying files and documents... is that all there is to my life? Is this what I am called to do? Well, I never got very clear answers earlier. But of late, people call me and tell me explicitly what difference my actions have made in the long run. It feels good to see that the very same, "menial" things, "irrelevant" jobs, "petty" points when done well and in time, create a lot of goodwill and bring about great works. Perhaps the greatest challenge that I've tried to live up to in this office, so far, has been to keep the communication circle going: I get a message, I respond and see to it that it doesn't end with me. The merit of it is seen clearly when people call me for anything and everything, not because they want me to do that particular thing; but because they know that I will surely listen and see to it that their message or call for help is attended to. Now that's a good feeling to begin the day!

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