Friday, 23 April 2010

Rosary and the rosary!

Last night I had to rush out to drop the auditors at the bus stand. Somehow I made it just in the nick of time and they were able to board the bus. On my way back I realised I might as well pick up a few bottles of beer for this evening's celebration. (Were it left to me, I'd not even propose that there be any drinks for any celebrations... anyhow, one of the scourges of living in communities...!!). I picked up a few bottles and dashed back home. Only after supper when I wanted to recite my rosary, I found my rosary missing! Frankly speaking I was perturbed for long. Not that the Rosary was anything special but just that it was convenient and handy one. Furthermore the thought that I might have dropped it in the liquor shop was not very comforting. This morning during meditation as I remembered it again, I said to myself... perhaps if I were to feel just half as bad as this when I don't recite/pray the rosary, I would already have been a saint!!

Anyway, I happily discovered the rosary under the driver's seat of the sumo this morning. Hope to recover also the 'Rosary' within too!

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  1. A great place to help you with the "Rosary within" can be found here.


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