Monday, 19 April 2010

Lessons in humility

The evening basketball game was a great lesson in knowing myself from the 'other's perspective. The game was on and was playing it slow for I did not want to further aggravate my knee injury. In the heat of the game suddenly Arun came upto me and softly said, "Brother anger doesn't suit you!" I instantly realised what he meant, for I was shouting at some of the smaller fellows to hold the ball properly and to pass correctly. Knowing that Arun was hinting at that shouting, I smiled. Instantly, he too smiled and said, "Yes, that looks great on you!"

I remember when we began playing basketball, I used to take time out after the game to coach a few smaller kids. Once my knees started giving me trouble I slowly stopped those 'coaching sessions' - if one may call them so. Of late when those very kids would join our game, I expected them to play as good as everyone else on the court (those who've been playing for years!). No wonder Chakkani does not want to play on my side... "You give half an hour of lecture for giving a wrong pass!" Well, thanks to Arun, for his 'word in the ear'. I'll keep in mind henceforth too. I feel good that some way or the other, young people teach me lessons.

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