Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Merit beyond the word 'Christian'

The grueling exercise of sitting through the admission process for the school children is an experience of a totally different kind... something I've never had before. While for most of it, it is a smooth sail for I had been doling out instructions clear and strong right since the beginning. I've also not minced words in stating facts or withheld information of anything pertaining to the progress of the school and related matters. However, the worst part of this exercise is sitting with Catholic parents, specially our own Parishoners. In practically all the instances that I had to sweat it out, they are like the cat sitting on the fence: just waiting to see which side is favourable. While they wish to enroll their child in the school (for they are well aware of the quality education children receive at Don Bosco), they would like to save the most. Of course, saving on the financial front is everyone's effort (after all, it is their hard earned money) but demanding that they are entitled to a concession purely on the basis that they are Catholics is very nauseating. Worst still, those demanding are hardly seen in the Church on Sundays!

I've kept a simple principle: no concession for whomsoever... of course, the request for concession could be looked into after a couple of years of the child being in the school and that too on the basis of their overall performance (besides their economic background). Parents - and children - need to earn their merit not demand it, purely because they have the tag 'Christian'.

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