Monday, 5 April 2010

About marriage, media and RTE

A quick word about the two top news stories these days: Sania Mirza's marriage to Shoaib and Kapil Sibal's declaration of the Right to Education (RTE). Regarding the former, looks like marriages had been on a hold since the last century and this is the first after ages!! Give her a break... let her marry whomever she wants to. Why is everyone trying to extract every bit of information and track every move of her family and that of Shoaib? Looks like the media too has nothing worth to capture!

As for the RTE, ... great!! It is rarely that one can applaud the Government, this is one such rare moment. All said and done, the move is to appreciated and the stand of the minister convincing. However there are many hurdles in the practical implementation of the same. The greatest as I see is what I read in the paper the other day...
the RTE is different from the others enshrined in the Constitution, in that the beneficiary cannot demand it nor fight a legal battle when the right is denied or violated.
Ensuring the implementation of the right, is therefore the double duty not of the beneficiary but of the society. That's easier said than done. Nonetheless, for once the government has something to be praised for.

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