Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My fears and anxieties

As days are flying by I find myself fighting a tough battle with unknown forces and slaying anxieties I am not fully aware of! It is a very tricky situation that I find myself in at present. It has primarily - and everything - to do with the school. What I began as a pastime and an experiment is now proving to be a huge monster whom I find growing in multiples. The responsibilities related to that have double - if not tripled - over the last two weeks. The worst part of this however, is the 'anxiety' of its future. Whether at all it will be what we now envisage it to be, is my greatest fear. Had there been any assurance - and sincere involvement - from within the family, not even this thought would have crossed my mind, but with that assurance not forthcoming, I fear things may get complicated. However, as I had said earlier, not being sure of the future does not prevent me from being and doing the best I can for now. What the future holds is not for me to worry about, certainly not when it is totally out of my control and capacity.

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