Wednesday, 7 April 2010

On leadership and politics

Quite contrary to the opinion of all those with whom I went for the movie, Leader with me last evening, I liked the theme. A bit hyperbolic but inspirational and challenging, nonetheless. True to his calling, Shekar Kammula has once again challenged existing protocols and taboos, only this time, it is the vast political system of the state. Here are some of the features that caught my attention:
  • The theme throws a challenge to the existing political structure and functioning, centering on the qualities of transparency and honesty.
  • Political nuances and the ugly side are portrayed but the picture is not gory.
  • The emphasis is on nurturing genuine leadership not grooming politicians.
  • Without 'preaching' the message of the movie is conveyed convincingly.
  • There are just two songs in the whole movie... that's a real relief!
  • Finally, politics whatever one may say, remains a dirty game! No wonder Don Bosco was very clear: No meddling in politics while at the Oratory.

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