Friday, 2 April 2010

Thanks to Sheeba!

This evening Sheeba came to wish me goodbye. She was leaving Hyderabad to pursue her higher studies in Media. It was good having her work in the DB DIGITS office. Besides the many qualities she possessed, I admired most her willingness to learn and collaborate in any initiative for the growth of the apostolate. She never treated her responsibilities as work - but as a privilege.

Of my three years working with her, I never heard her use the words, 'No' or 'cannot' for any work entrusted to her. I know very well, that she was often entrusted with work way off her expertise or field of specialisation, yet she was always eager to learn and explore. Thanks to that willingness and enthusiasm - besides the usual remarks, reminders and observations she used to offer, once in a way - my task was made much easy. I could conceptualise and she would work out the technical aspects. Furthermore she would even come up with great ideas and suggestions for improving the task at hand. Banz used to call her 'Secretary of the secretary!'

Thank you Sheeba and God be with you!

1 comment:

  1. Thank You so much Br
    I learnt a lot from you.
    especially being simple,humble,polite, etc.
    one more thing ask for nothing and refuse nothing.

    I am very happy that Apr 02 is offered for me in vcastilino/blogspot.

    Thank you once again for everything.


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