Saturday, 3 September 2016

Shepherdess to Education Minister

An inspiring news article that I came across today:
Once A Shepherd Girl In Morocco, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem Is Now France's Education Minister!

It tells the story of the present Education minister of France who in her childhood looked after sheep that too in Morocco.  She never learnt French till she reached college.  Circumstances led her to France and once there she gave her best.  She learnt French. Mastered the political scenario of the country.  Learnt to reflect.  Tried to give back to the country which helped her so much.  And put it all together, she is now the Education minister deciding policies and affecting changes in France!!

It is no fairy-tale.  It is one of hard work and determination. Commitment and passion. Discipline and sacrifices.  One of transforming difficulties and hurdles into opportunities and moments of learning and growth.

Her advice to young people:
The best way to be happy with your future is by playing a part in it. If you’re just a spectator of collective fate, you’re bound to feel frustrated.

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