Monday, 26 September 2016

Working but not working!

This evening we spent quite some time tracing out the faulty electricial supply line of the provincial house. After opening up several of the main circuit boards and trying all possible things we managed to trace it, 'fix' it and then when we went about our other works.  When I later went to complete the work which I had started and which triggered this 'witch hunt', the problem was still there. But now equipped with the knowledge of where the source was, it did not take me long to zero in and investigate a bit more.  That's when I realized that the mini-circuit breaker (MCB), was actually tripping the power supply when there was a short circuit but the switch still remained on.
Philosophically speaking, noumenally it was working but not phenomenally!  In Fr Maliekal's language, it was working, but not working!

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