Monday, 19 September 2016

Cutting corners

The Mass readings of yesterday were an interesting set.  They were all about money, wealth, service, loyalty and those cutting corners (Sunday Sept. 18, 2016).  One of the stray thoughts that flashed across my mind as I sat for reflection was what kind of a sermon would the Priests offer in the Churches today?

I was sure it would have been a rosy or fiery sermon on how not to get attached to money and prioritize God and all that stuff. But it would all have been for the people - those listening!  (As is always the case!) I wondered how many priests would have had the courage and the humility to sit down and ask some of their parishioners to share their reflections on matters of finance and economic transactions.  And he listened.  Going a step further, I wonder how many would have dared asked his flock if they found him worthy enough to be trusted with the finances of the Parish.  Or did they think that he is like the shrewd servant of the first reading or the gospel?

Anyway, not only this reading but I guess all sermons are for the others!  If only we'd preach to ourselves, our sermons would be truly short and efficacious!

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