Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Reading habits

I just finished reading the book Don Bosco in Mangalore: Before the Arrival of the Salesians by Sr Philomena D'Souza (the book launch of which was held last month end in Bangalore).

Was happy to read it for it offered me great insights into my own background.  Though of Mangalorean descent was never very familiar with my faith 'roots'.  The book offered quite a bit of history of the Mangalorean Catholic community.

However what appealed to me most was the spirit of youthfulness that was guided by the Priests and other youth clubs of the mid 1900 around Mangalore.  Inspired by Don Bosco's style and grace, these youth clubs were proposed, guided and organised by non-Salesians (Salesians had still not arrived on the scene - not till 1997. By then the zenith of the 'salesian' spirit was long past!).  I'm listing below some of the truly profound - yet simple - lines of action of a youth club established in 1967, on the model of a couple of others existing already:
  • monthly meetings to enhance exchange of ideas, plan, discuss and decide;
  • library and reading room to inculcate good reading habits;
  • organising drama and musical performances in Konkani and other languages;
  • organising spiritual retreats and the study of Sacred Scripture;
  • inviting resource persons to give talks on various relevant issues;
  • felicitating people who have shown exceptional achievement or given exceptional contribution to society. (page 81)
I wonder how come the present generation has lost its passion for reading.  Earlier children would long to go to school. Now they detest going to school and studies itself!  Reading rooms and libraries!!!  Wow.  

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