Friday, 30 September 2016

To be prophets...

It is not only good to have prophets but essential for any and every group.  Or else when everyone thinks alike and not one attempts to see other possibilities or repercussions of the groups decisions from a larger perspective, we become lopsided and parochial in our initiatives. Therefore someone offering a different perspective, or even a contrary opinion, is far more beneficial for it facilitates the sorting out of priorities and purifying motivations.  The prophet and his prophecy forces us not to grow complacent or develop a stagnant attitude.  They rattle our comfort zones, challenging us to strive for truth, more than success; for integrity above glory; for meaning rather than continuity.

In all of this enterprise, owe to the prophet!  Not only has he or she to constantly check one's own integrity but also be battered by everyone around.

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