Friday, 30 September 2016

To London...

Last evening I got news from my travel agency that they received my visa from the UK consulate in Chennai and by nightfall, I had my ticket confirmed for London.

That in place, I'd be leaving for London to pursue my higher studies, on Sunday October 2, 2016.  Will be staying at the Salesian community of Chertsey while attending classes at the University of London.

Much more than myself, there are scores of people who are thrilled about this confirmation.  There are many who have been praying seriously so that this comes through.  I am grateful to them all for their kind concern and affection towards me.  However, I tell myself repeatedly that it is someone else's sweat and blood that I'm enjoying... for this opportunity.  I cannot afford to squander this great opportunity.  Most important of all, I wish to constantly discern what God wants me to do and pray for courage to do His will.

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