Saturday, 3 September 2016

Whom did Don Bosco want?

I have been time and again telling this at every opportunity to the young who are with us for becoming Salesians: Don Bosco did not want priests or brothers, he wanted anyone and everyone for young people.  His concern and only concern was the youngsters.  Nothing else mattered to him, certainly not priests or brothers or where they came from.
In our holy founder's thinking there is clearly a social concern.  I think we could justly speak of a kind of 'lay style' in our congregation as we take stock of the history of its founding, the unique life Don Bosco had in mind, and the very nature of the mission he chose.
... Don Bosco's intention to set up "a vast apostolic movement for youth and the masses," the chapter on extern Salesians in the first editions of the Constitutions (1860-1874), and the new style with regard to flexibility of structure, ownership of goods, religious garb, adaptability, family spirit, secular terminology, special fields of apostolate and working class circumstances. 

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