Saturday, 3 September 2016


It is exactly a month since I appeared for my IELTS test.  The results were due on Aug. 17.  I did receive a mail that day, but instead of the results I was informed that it would take some time since my result was "pending further investigation". All my mails and phone calls have only elicited one response: 'Have patience'.

Without the IELTS score, my travel agency says it cannot apply for the visa.  To make matters more intense, my course in London, to which I have already been granted an unconditional admission, commences on Sept. 19.

At this juncture there is nothing more to do than wait.  But this evening I've been doing some serious thinking!  I suppose crossroads don't just appear only once in life.  One is bound to come across them quite a few times in life.  I almost forgot that! Having passed through one quite recently I thought it was now a straight and clear path ahead.  Is it?

Perhaps an indicator that God wants me for something else... something that does not need a doctorate, and much less one that is done abroad!  Or may be just a small rest before a heavy intellectual work! Whatever, I'm open!

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