Monday, 19 September 2016

Ad quid perditio hec

Being with Fr Pandi one often hears some Latin phrases from his early years of formation.  The one that I picked up fast is this:
Ad quid perditio hec
To what purpose is all of this ... in other words, everything is a waste of effort!

The context in which this phrase cropped up today also was the fact that we are having a set of meetings in the coming days, and the participants list is constantly changing.  Worse still, so is the agenda!!  For the past one and half month some confreres are so busy attending, conducting meetings that there has hardly been any moment of rest at all!

I understand some of these meetings do help, but only when the agenda and the purpose is clear to everyone. Or else if the coordinator or animator himself is not sure what to really discuss, then it is a waste of effort, time, resources and energy.  Only the formality of having conducted, or attended, a meeting is fulfilled.  Not much or nothing at all is registered or imbibed.  

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