Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Why invite young people?

Something that was troubling me during the goodnight talk tonight. It was a sharing by Br Lawrence Mondol, the youth director and vocation promoter of the Kolkota Province (INC).  That very combination of the two roles is perhaps the ideal, by way of our charism and methodology.  He shared about his plans and ideas for vocation promotion.

What kept ringing in my ears is this: Are we keen to have young people join us to keep our institutions going? Or is it that we wish to keep alive the charism of Don Bosco?  Frankly speaking neither of the two is an appropriate motivation.  The former is certainly an idiotic one!  The latter, though appears noble is a very dangerous trap.

I believe we invite young people to become Salesians because I (personally, and as a representative of the Salesian congregation) feel thrilled about my choice of being an SDB.  I invite young people so that they may discover the joy, purpose and meaning of their lives, as I keep uncovering bit by bit, being an SDB.  I encourage young people to become Salesians so that they may add life and vigour to the dream of Don Bosco and not merely repeat or desperately keep alive that dream.  

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