Monday, 15 September 2014

Cross vs the One on the Cross

Yesterday was the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. Most people in their search for meaning and purpose get stuck to the dead wood of the Cross and fail to reach or approach the living One capable of making sense to everything.

The cross was only the means, neither the purpose or the end of Christ's coming into the world.  This feast is a reminder or a challenge to each of us to be able to distinguish between means and purpose... not mix up the whole for the part  or the part for the whole.

Later last evening Prathap shared a very significant fact with us: that Hezekiah destroyed the bronze serpent made by Moses during the Israelites journey through the desert and which was the cause of survival of so many who were bitten by the poisonous snakes.  Reason:  They forgot Yahweh and his temple and word and thought the bronze serpent was the real power!!

The modern world subtly puts the cross vs the One hanging on the Cross and we ought to prefer the One on the cross and not the cross alone!!

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