Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Noah and his choices...

This afternoon I watched the movie Noah.  I was very much captivated by what I watched.  When I began to watch I expected some religious pious drama of God commanding and man obeying.  However, what surprised me was the take of the director and the whole story.  It depicts Noah and the choices he makes... not what God makes and tells him to do. The movie walks with Noah as he makes decisions, and struggles to live with the consequences of those choices he makes.  It shows a man living up to God... not merely God calling a man to do something and God making it all happen.

Another aspects of the movie I truly admire is the way, God is depicted. He is NOT shown at all!! All that Noah has is dreams, visions and signs. There is no 'God' appearing to him and 'telling' him in clear cut terms what he ought to do.  The only 'strange' phenomenon one gets to see is the Watchers, the unearthly beings which - again - choose to help Noah.

The latter part of the movie too is very meaningful.  It shows the pain and the desperate measures Noah is challenged to take up to fulfill his mission - he is to end his own progeny and let God begin afresh!  All along, God is 'silent'.

Today people prefer to believe that believing in God will automatically and 'magically' erase all problems and difficulties in life... that those who believe and trust in God are not supposed to have any difficulties in life.  In such a context, I truly am happy that the movie does not make life easy for Noah, just because God chooses him.  It shows truly and honestly how difficult life is for those who choose God!  The tagline of the movie should therefore have been, 'Noah chooses God!' 

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